Shabbaton: Guests in Residence

Each year for the Shabbat of Torah we feature 3 guests-in-residence. Each of them plays a unique role and together they help make Shabbat a stimulating and uplifting one.

Whether his/her background is in science or the performing arts, we invite these scholars to come tell us their story, share of their wisdom and address our attendees during each meal.

Mr. Aryeh Green is the author of My Israel Trail: Finding Peace in the Promised Land about his hike on “Shvil Yisrael”, the 700-mile Israel National Trail. He serves as chief strategy officer at EnergiyaGlobal, a renewable energy platform for Africa based in Jerusalem. Aryeh is a former senior advisor to Natan Sharansky in Israel’s prime minister’s office, and was the founder and director of MediaCentral, a Jerusalem project of HonestReporting providing services for the foreign press in the region. A frequent and captivating speaker on Israel, Jewish identity and spirituality, human rights and Israel’s relations with Africa.

Each year we take to YouTube, holding digital auditions looking for new talent to add inspirational musical prayer to the repertoire of our Shabbaton. The Cantor also leads songs during the Shabbat meals and a sing-along as the sun sets on Shabbat eve.

Moish or Moishy Wilschanski is a Brooklyn-based recording artist. His recent hits include Vibe a rocking single available on Youtube. He has performed as cantor around the world with his magical voice, most recently in Sydney Australia. He will lead the prayers, musical Havdalah and a sing-along for us over the weekend.

In an effort to keep things fresh and interesting, each year we host a Rabbi from a community somewhere across the globe.  This role will adds variety to recurring features such as the Crossfire panel each year. The Rabbi also give a class of their own at one point over Shabbat and is available for questions, discussion etc. throughout the 25-hours.

Rabbi Rabbi Lirazz Zeirah grew up as a secular Israeli boy in Kfar Haroeh, Israel. After completing his service as a special-unit officer in the IDF at age 22 he spent 4.5 years traveling the Far East on a journey to find himself. Today Lirazz is a Chabad Rabbi alternating between his post on campus at the Betzalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and serving as an officer of the Sayeret Givati Special Unit of the IDF. His story is a reminder to Jews the world over, that while searching for meaning, it pays to look to our own traditions. 

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