Shabbaton: Guests in Residence

Each year for the Shabbat of Torah we feature guests-in-residence. Each of them plays a unique role and together they help make Shabbat a stimulating and uplifting one.

Whether his/her background is in science or the performing arts, we invite these scholars to come tell us their story, share of their wisdom and address our attendees during each meal.

David Sacks A Comedy Writer, originally from New York City, David moved to LA after graduating Harvard. As a comedy writer, he has worked for many popular shows, including “The Simpsons”, where he won an Emmy, and “Third Rock from the Sun”, for which he won a Golden Globe. David is the co-founder and Senior Lecturer of The Happy Minyan in LA.

In addition to all the wonderful rabbinic scholars Chabad in the SG Valley plays host to we invite one guest rabbi each year to sit alongside them: teaching classes, leading Farbrengens and sitting on panels to add an element of freshness and novelty to the rabbinical insights.

Rabbi Eli Rivkin Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Eli is a third generation Chabad Shliach. As the spiritual leader and co-director of Chabad of Northridge in the S. Fernando Valley, he is beloved for his warm inviting attitude and articulate teaching style.

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