Shabbaton: Guests in Residence

Each year for the Shabbat of Torah we feature 3 guests-in-residence. Each of them plays a unique role and together they help make Shabbat a stimulating and uplifting one.

Whether his/her background is in science or the performing arts, we invite these scholars to come tell us their story, share of their wisdom and address our attendees during each meal.

Mr. Sal Litvak better known as "The Accidental Talmudist" shares daily posts on Jewish wisdom, history and humor with over a million followers on social media.

Each year we take to YouTube, holding digital auditions looking for new talent to add inspirational musical prayer to the repertoire of our Shabbaton. The Cantor also leads songs during the Shabbat meals and a sing-along as the sun sets on Shabbat eve.

Rabbi Boruch Gancz  performs cantorial pieces around the world with his magical voice. He will lead the prayers, musical Havdalah and sing-along over the weekend.

In an effort to keep things fresh and interesting, each year we host a Rabbi from a community somewhere across the globe.  This role will adds variety to recurring features such as the Crossfire panel each year. The Rabbi also give a class of their own at one point over Shabbat and is available for questions, discussion etc. throughout the 25-hours.

Rabbi Itchik Rivkin is a learned scholar and noted lecturer from Brooklyn, NY but perhaps of biggest note for the Pasadena community is that he is Rabbi Zushi's father.  

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