Tanya Season I: The Basics

Tanya Season I: The Basics

Tanya Season I: The Basics


  1. Am I Good or Bad

    In this week's class we introduced the author of Tanya and gave a little background history to it's publication. We also began with Chapter 1 where we introduced the two souls every one of us possesses; the G-dly and the animal.
  2. The Piece of G-d In You

    In this week's class we introduced the second or G-dly soul. We introduced the soul as a spark of the divine in every Jew, and spoke about it's source as being a literal portion of G-d. We also spoke about equality of souls and how some are on "higher" levels than others and how we can connect to the divine through our spiritual leaders.
  3. Your Three Brains

    In this week's class we analyzed the structure of our soul. We introduced the ten Divine energies and how they are reflected in our ten attributes. The division of intellectual and emotional attributes and how they are connected through Da'as.
  4. Your Inner/Outer Selves

    In this week's lesson we introduced the three "garments" of the soul: thought, speech and action. We learned about how we use these "garments" to interact with the world and more specifically in our service pf G-d via positive and negative commandments.
  5. Total Immersion in the Divine

    In this week's lesson we touched on the greatest unity a Jew can have with the creator - the study of Torah. We spoke about why the study of Torah is considered equal to all the Mitzvos and the unique differences between the study of Torah and the practice of Mitzvos.
  6. Your Darker Side

    After 4 chapters describing the G-dly soul, the Alter Rebbe begins chapter 6 with the verse "G-d created everything with an opposite". In this week's lesson we describe the origin of the Animal soul and dissect what happens when one chooses "the other side".
  7. Negative Energy

    In this week's lesson we analyzed in greater depth the differences between Kelipas Nogah and the Three Impure Kelipos. We spoke about some of the behaviors that emanate as a result of these two sources and why some are "Kosher" or forbidden pleasures. Finally we tackled the concept of Teshuvah and why it is so powerful.
  8. Negative Energy (II)

    In this week's lesson we continued the conversation about negative energy. We addressed how one "detoxicates" from being associated with Kelipah (negative energy) and finally we touched upon what it means to do Teshuvah.

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