Read It In Hebrew

Read It In Hebrew

Read It In Hebrew

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  1. There are a number of different methods that can be used to teach Hebrew. Read It In Hebrew is designed to first teach students all of the Hebrew letters in the first two classes, and then, using that knowledge, begin reading right at the beginning of the third class. Lesson One begins with the first half of the alef-bet.
  2. Lamed was the midpoint of the Hebrew alphabet, and now we are beginning the second half. When we finish these you'll be fully prepared to begin reading.
  3. Welcome to the third JLI Hebrew reading lesson. Now that we've learned all of the Hebrew letters we are ready to begin reading. The true key to Hebrew reading is vowels. Each vowel can make an enormous difference; altering a vowel can change the meaning of a word.
  4. Welcome to the fourth JLI Hebrew reading lesson. Now that you are familiar with the Hebrew letters, plus the concept of reading from right to left, and carefully watching vowels, learning to read is only a matter of mastering the few remaining vowels and rule exceptions which form Hebrew reading. Today we will focus on cholam, chirik, and kubutz and shuruk.
  5. Welcome to the fifth and final JLI Hebrew reading lesson. Thus far you have learned the relatively straightforward Hebrew letters and vowels and begun reading. In today's class we will be focusing on the few remaining vowels, only one of which has a distinctly different sound, and additionally some rule exceptions that are necessary to know in order to read Hebrew properly.

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